Archive : A Postcard from Kidderminster

You can find here the archived blog posts from my previous Posterous blog, A Postcard from Kidderminster.

2011 – January

Once a Librarian….. always a Librarian

Space… The Final Frontier

Wolf Moon

Being a Digital Immigrant in a Digital Native World

2011 – February

A Postcard From Kidderminster

Clearing Junk From Space – Nanosail -D

Defying Gravity

2011 – March

Low fat and Fat Free

2011 – April

Throw, Throw, Drop, Drop, ….  or How to Learn The Art of Juggling

2011 – May

You Know You’re a Collector When……

2011 – June

Adventures on Two Wheels

2011 – July

If Music be the food of Love … Get a DAB radio….

Valentines on Tour

2011 – August

Knowledge is like love: you can give it away as much as you like, but you still get to keep it…

2011 – October

In England’s Green and Pleasant Land

Training is like a box of chocolates … you never know what you’re going to get ….

2011 – November

Fancy packaging isn’t everything … Training is like a box of chocolates (part 2)

2012 – January

Once a techno geek …..

2012 – March


Happy Birthday Dan

2012 – April

Countdown to our holiday …..

2012 – May

Being a digital immigrant in a digital native world – the next chapter

2012 – July

Joining a Flashmob

Attending an Unconference – Localgovcamp 2012

2012 – August

A Postcard from Space

Inspiring a a generation through #twitterolympics


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