Traditions are important

In todays modern world where things are in a constant state of change, it is important in my mind to keep traditions alive. By this I refer specifically to personal things that mean something to you or your family. For example, today is my sons 20th birthday (Happy Birthday Matt x) he is no longer a teenager but a young man studying hard at University, but when he came home last weekend to collect his birthday cards (tradition 1!) I bought a birthday cake (tradition 2!) no matter which birthday you are celebrating these are two traditions as a family we keep.
Christmas is a time that I feel particularly strong about where tradition is concerned, I hand make all the christmas cards we give to close family members and friends, which although time consuming, represents the personal nature of the wishes sent. The other major tradition is the now infamous Christmas tablecloth. Every year since my youngest son was born in 1995 the tablecloth has taken pride of place on the dining room table. And every year I cross stitch a new motif to represent another Christmas together. This year I have embarked on my greatest challenge yet (perhaps with the exception of the complete nativity scene I did in 2004!) as I am recreating the Twelve days of Christmas! So far I have reached 3 french hens, so still a long way to go, but I am determined to finish them, even if I am still sewing on Christmas eve (and not for the first time as some of the motifs have been a bit ambitious!) It’s a good thing I like a challenge! I hope you like the pics of my very own family heirloom! I will post an update WHEN not IF I get it finished!




About carolwoolley

I’m a Mum with passion for reading, astronomy and music. I sing 2nd Alto in the Kidderminster Valentines female voice choir and play the clarinet and flute in the Bewdley Concert Band. By profession I am a Chartered Librarian, qualified trainer and currently a Deputy Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages. Follow me on twitter @woolleybear64
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