So the end of lockdown restrictions is upon us and we hope to return to a near normal life again.

Bewdley Concert Band has held its first rehearsals for over a year in St George’s Hall with all covid measures put in place to allow for several successful practices before we broke for summer recess. It was fantastic to be playing again and we even gained two new members to join us playing the new music we had each been practicing alone during lockdown.

Kidderminster Valentines will start rehearsing again in small groups from next week, and we can’t wait to start singing together again after a year of zoom rehearsals. Music and singing masks at the ready we will build the choir up over the coming weeks and hopefully be able to get together completely by the Autumn.

On the wedding front we have started ceremonies again and it’s going to be a very busy couple of months as the couple’s who have had to reschedule their weddings finally get to tie the knot.

We are hoping to take Angel to the seaside for a few days during August so look out for our holiday blog post! I will of course be taking my crochet hook and some yarn and plenty of books to read..if Angel will let me!

Talking of crochet I’m now on my third blanket, trying to use the stash of yarn that has accumulated in my craft room (aka the small bedroom!) So we will be nice and snug come the Autumn!

Have a great post lockdown summer and stay safe!

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A Year in Lockdown

So here we are at the first anniversary of Lockdown. Posts on my blog have been a little sparse as there has been very little to blog about but I’m going to get back on track and update you on the events in the Woolley now Talbot household.

When we last met it was to give you news of my wedding, so it’s now been a whole year and our first anniversary has been and gone with a takeaway curry to celebrate as no hospitality venues are currently open. I even got out the fairy lights!

Our first wedding anniversary

We do however have an addition to our family! Meet Angel out 6 year old Bichon Frise who joined us last August. My furbaby is a bundle of fun, loving and a bit stubborn and unforgiving if you are not ready to go walkies when she wants to go!


I have also taken semi-retirement from my duties as a Registrar to spend more time with Gary and Angel, with no weddings taking place it’s been a quiet time but we are in for a bumper summer of weddings as we catch up on all those postponed over the last year.

Angel is not the only pooch in the family as both of my son’s also have doggy members of the family. Harri the Corgi has joined Lola the cat with my eldest son in Gloucestershire and Cisco the greyhound is with not so newlyweds Dan and Kate here in Worcestershire. We are looking forward to the end of Lockdown when we can all get together again as a family with our four legged friends.


Craft has been my main pleasure since finishing work. Lots of knitting (dog jumpers!) Crochet (dog blankets!) Calligraphy, Watercolour painting, and of course not forgetting music, weekly zoom rehearsals for choir and fortnightly band practice both of which we hope can soon resume in person.

As Spring is now upon us, days are getting longer – don’t forget to put your clocks forward this weekend!!- and hopefully the end of Lockdown in sight, it is a time for looking forward. I saw a photo the other day with this quote that I would like to leave you with……. One day soon someone is going to hug you so tight that all your broken pieces will stick back together 😉 until next time…💕

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New Beginnings


2020 has already become an unforgettable one for many people around the country with the Covid 19 pandemic and the country in lock down, so I thought I should share some good news with you at this difficult time.

On February 15th I became Mrs Carol Talbot at a small ceremony (but BIG party) at Kidderminster Town Hall, followed by a blessing on the Sunday at our local church. My new husband Gary is a retired postman and I have reduced my working week to spend more time with him and for following my various hobbies. It was a rather wet day, so no outdoor photos I’m afraid, but we then spent two wonderful weeks on a Caribbean cruise before the lockdown hit us.




I am currently working from home and missing my colleagues, and with no choir or band social media and the discovery of Zoom has been more important than ever.

The Valentines have a weekly Zoom get together to share what is happening in their world and regular quizzes have proved great fun especially when accompanied by a glass of something and nibbles!!

I am now a resident of Stourport on Severn having moved into a new home with my husband, lots of work has been done on the house but the garden has now to wait until after lock down when we can get tradesmen in to help re-landscape, but in the meantime we have had some sunny weather and i have enjoyed taking my needlecraft and calligraphy pens out into the garden in the sunshine. I have even followed a couple of watercolour painting tutorials and was quite pleased with my first efforts!

Until next time, stay safe and enjoy the sunshine in your gardens.

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Bewdley American Festival


Just back from playing with Bewdley Concert Band, lots going on in the town today, and this evening I will be back in the Church singing with the Valentine’s at the Flower Festival


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Autumn update

It’s been over a year since I updated this blog, and alot has happened in the meantime so here goes!!


After a wonderful holiday in the USA meeting Katlyn’s family, I’m pleased to say that we now have a new Mrs Woolley as Dan and Kate tied the knot in August, and I am privileged in that I was able to conduct the ceremony for them.FB_IMG_1565018868176

Mr and Mrs Woolley are settling into married life in the family home and this Mrs Woolley has moved into a new residence in nearby Stourport on Severn, and is making plans to become Mrs Talbot in February next year. Yes another wedding in the planning as I embark on a new journey of my own.


I am still working for the county registration service but have reduced my hours as I gradually ease towards retirement and do all the things I want to do while I’m still able to do them..and no climbing Everest is not one of them! But a Caribbean cruise definitely is!

Choir and Concert band still play a big part in my life and I’m even thinking of learning a new instrument … More of that in a future blog!

As Christmas approaches the cross stitch patterns are out ready for this year’s addition to the Christmas tablecloth, which will adorn the same table but in a different home, which will of course bring mixed emotions. December is a difficult time for our family but we have alot to look forward to.

And finally I mustn’t forget the other addition to the family! Harri the Corgi joined Matt and Ashleigh in Gloucester.. wuff….


So that’s the update for now, more to follow as my wedding plans progress. Welcome to Autumn everyone! 🎃




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You will be pleased to know my journey home was uneventful if long, and I arrived back in Kidderminster at lunchtime today (Tuesday) After the comfort of the JFK to Dublin flight, the Dublin to Birmingham leg was on an 80 seater propeller plane which filled me with some angst! More twists and turns than a theme park rollercoaster, but we landed safely.

A great holiday, great people and great memories… Roll on the next adventure!

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Farewell Ronkonkoma

So my last full day took us to the designer shopping outlet where one or two items were purchased to take home, and then to a pool party at one of the neighbours houses.

I’m now getting ready for my long journey home, two planes and two trains and I will be back in Kidderminster.

It has been a fabulous holiday, meeting the family and doing some sightseeing and it’s good to know I can come back again in the future. The next time I see the family it will be for Dan and Kate’s wedding, now less than a year away!

Hopefully the journey home will be much less eventful than the one here, so for now Goodbye from Long Island 🇺🇸

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The block party

Saturday was spent at the home of Katlyn’s mom in Bellport, at their very first block party. Similar to the street parties I remember from my youth, the road was closed and the whole street joined together to eat drink and enjoy each others company.

The morning brought torrential rain and we kept a close eye on the weather radar, but by 2pm we were bathed once again in glorious sunshine and we were able to get the tents up and start bringing the food out.







There was a bouncy house and cotton candy machine for the kids, who also enjoyed the chance to ride up and down the vehicle free street on their bikes, segways and motorised toy cars.


Food and drink was plentiful, the music varied and not too loud to stifle conversation.








We were also introduced to Cornhole, an American party game where two teams compete to get beanbags through a hole on a board, I manage the feat three times to my opponents two but we still lost out on single points on the board, but it was out first time playing it, so not too bad!










As the night drew on people drifted home and new neighbours joined the party, and of course more food and drink appeared.








We left with the party still in full swing to make our way back to Ronkonkomen, and our beds, congratulations to Jackie and her fellow organisers for a brilliant party, we will try and get back for the next one soon!


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Sagamore Hill

Today we visited Sagamore Hill the estate of Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt the 26th President of the USA.

He and his family lived on the estate from 1885 until his death in 1919. Known as “The Summer White House” he entertained many many foreign dignitaries at his family home.

Also on the site is Old Orchard House, the former home of his son which is now a museum.

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Cradle of Aviation Museum

Today we followed in the footsteps of Charles Lindbergh and headed out to Garden City to this fascinating museum that records the aerospace history of Long Island.

Located on what was once Mitchel Air Force Base, and together with Roosevelt Field and Hempstead Plains the site was responsible for many historic flights. In 1919 the first transatlantic crossing by an airship from England landed at Roosevelt Field, and in 1927 Charles Lindbergh took off from there to Paris. The museums first acquisition was Lindbergh’s WW1 Curtiss JN-4D discovered in a local barn in 1973.

Over 60 aircraft and models can be viewed, together with a gallery dedicated to space flight. There are  hands on interactive displays for you to enjoy on your visit.

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